October 20, 2018

I will keep my books open for the next few months, currently I am taking new clients for the months of April and May and so on, once you stop by for a scheduled consultation which typically takes around 10 minutes so we can determine if we can both agree with the design and idea then we can discuss the whole process with getting a custom tattoo by me that'll be something you (the client) and myself are both happy with. At this point of my career my focus is to take on clients that want the absolute best that I can produce and Im happy to see what ideas are sent my way.

To answer a few frequently asked questions I will list the most common ones

-hourly rate or day rate? my hourly rate is $250 an hour and have a 5 hour minimum, typically the average session is about 6 to 8 hours.

-how far am I booking,? ideally I try to stay booked between 6 to 8 months out in advance, usually when I start booking further than that I close my books for a few months so that my schedule can go back to normal.

- is there a way to skip the line and get ahead? well the answer is yes and no, once a client comes in and we both agree to work together in the future after they leave a deposit and we've picked out some dates I ask every client if theyd like to be placed on a cancelation list, it is very rare that I get a cancelation but what does occur every once in a while is me finishing a tattoo in less sessions than what I gave a client, so if that does happen I tipically take those dates and offer them to other clients that might want to come in before their scheduled date. 

-is there a way to pay more and get in sooner? the answer just depends if I am able to arrange my schedule to come in on my days off, so for the most part yes, 

any other questions you may have you are welcome to shoot an email and my assistant will try to get back to you as soon as possible    thanks