information regarding appointments

April 24, 2017

First off I wanna take the time once again to thank all my amazing clients, the fact that ya'll allow me to premanetly mark yall's bodies is still till this day a huge honor, I still remember the first time I picked up a tattoo machine, it was something I wanted to do to try working with a new medium in art and it just took off an consumed me and drew me into another world, as most of yall know I spend most of my time tattooing so I can not always get back to new potential clients right away but my assistant is doing the best she can to facilitate the process, thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. Currently, my books are closed so that I can work through my list of waitlisted clients. I specialize in portraits, black and grey realism or color realism and custom tattooing in general. You can still contact me via email with any questions about my work, rates, and ideas. My assistant will gladly reach out to you in case there is a chance an opening comes up or if you need help finding an artist that can tattoo what youre interested in getting, I work with a very talented group of guys that we can help connect you with once you send us your ideas,